Wrestling: which bets exist?

As betting on wrestling is highly wide spread, it’s important to know how to gamble correctly. In addition to pre-match analysis, something more should be built on too. Bookmaking agencies offer plenty of different wrestling stakes, let’s put all of them together.

Bets’ types to gamble on wrestling

Wrestling fans can bet on:


It’s an ordinary one. Here it doesn’t matter whether the fighter won by points or prematurely.

Winning a tournament

By the way, the winning demands can differ in the scoring system, so bettors should clarify it before placing a bet.

Winning with a handicap

This victory is determined by the points. According to the general rules of wrestling, if the athlete is ahead of his opponent by 10 points, then he wins the fight. But clarify this aspect too.

Belonging to the brand

Talking about the WWE federation, there are three main brands: NXT, Smackdown and Raw. However, as a rule, brand’s wrestlers compete within their brand, from time to time fights between two different brands appear. You can stake on whose athlete will win. The funny thing is that the number of stakes placed for such events is usually higher than usual.


It’s directly about gambling on the loser of the fight.
Losing in the tournament.
It’s about predicting who will lose in the whole championship.

Total points

Thus bettors may forecast the number of points achieved by the winner.

Presence or absence of knockout

Athletes may win by points or by unexpected knockout blow. You have to guess whether the second possibility will be fulfilled or not.

Keeping or loss of the title

It quite differs from a bet on the victory, for example, it takes in consideration the possibility that the fight will end in a draw. When a competition is on the line, the reigning champion must keep winning in order to retain his belt. However, usually champions who need to retain their belt have less of a chance than challengers.

Leaving the tournament with any belt

It’s a particular stake inherent especially to wrestling. You are supposed to predict the athlete who will win the belt in any category.


However, wrestling is a bad regulated game, it doesn’t mean that there are no rules.

Appearance in the ring

Here another athlete can interfere at any moment.. Bookmakers offer to try to predict whether it will happen or not. Participation in the fight itself is not necessary, the stake is calculated only on the fact of appearance.

Kneading in the fight

The direct participation of another wrestler is mandatory, he or she has to beat main competitors. If the blow is struck before or after the fight, the bet must be refunded.

To sum up: what to bet on wrestling

So there are a heap of various wrestling stakes which fit every taste. You can profit on any of them, the key is to learn the offered odds, fighters’ characteristics and features of the tournament thoroughly. Indeed, it’s easy to succeed, just
bet on what you really like.