HEATSEEKERS August 29th 2020:

Live on FITE from Hillsborough, NJ

Synergy Pro Wrestling Heatseekers Tickets Frightmare Brandon Kirk

Synergy Pro Wrestling returns with Heatseekers, live from Hillsborough, NJ streaming on FITE.tv on Saturday, August 29th at 7 pm ET! Frightmare defends the Synergy Championship against Brandon Kirk, Joe Gacy faces Archadia in a battle of NJ icons, LSG squares off with Matt Macintosh - plus TJ Crawford, KTB, MV Young, Matt Vertigo, and all your favorites. Tickets are on sale NOW!

Garden State Invitational 2020:

Deppen Reigns, Oliver Shines

GSI 2020 photo credits: Scott Finkelstein

Watch the Replay of Synergy Pro Wrestling's #GSI2020 on FITE.tv


The 2nd Annual Garden State Invitational Tournament streamed LIVE on FITE.tv (replays are available!), and it left nobody disappointed. From the surprise return of 2019 GSI Winner "Retro" Anthony Greene (filling in for an injured Matt Cross), to a first-ever Cruiserweight Crown Champion, to exceptional performances by Synergy Pro Wrestling Champion Frightmare and the entire tournament field, it's no wonder #GSI2020 trended well into the night on Twitter.

Tony Deppen channeled his inner "Eddie" and lied, cheated and stole his way to the 2020 Garden State Invitational Trophy, defeating Gregory Iron, KTB and Jordan Oliver on his way to the win. It was Oliver, however, who captured the hearts of the Synergy Family that night. Jordan and Injustice stable-mate Myron Reed put on a 20 minute, breathtaking 1st round contest you must see to believe. Nursing a heavily-taped shoulder, Jordan battled through 2019 GSI winner Anthony Greene before an epic final contest with Deppen. It was a tremendous performance by the young workhorse of Synergy.

Frightmare vanquished an old foe in Desean Pratt to retain his Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship - though it certainly was no easy task.

And the first Cruiserweight Crown Champion should have been a popular choice - but fans were left a bit puzzled by how TJ Crawford went about defeating Ellis Taylor to claim the crown. Was the finishing moment of this match truly necessary? Is Crawford proud of his actions? Will Ellis Taylor have anything to say, and what did #1 Contender Kasey Catal think of it all?

Warhorse, Oliver, Deppen + Kirk Claim Victories at #Synergy711

WARHORSE Synergy Pro Wrestling AJ Gray
Jordan Oliver Synergy Pro Wrestling

On a night dedicated to American Nurses, the stars of Synergy Pro Wrestling put forth perhaps the best full-roster effort in our company's history. Shattering Synergy's previous FITE streaming totals, several contests battled for "Match of the Night" honors and a few wrestlers planted their flags.

WARHORSE showed why many people consider him the top unsigned pro wrestler in America, defeating a very competitive AJ Gray in a 2 out of 3 Falls classic. In qualifiers for the Garden State Invitational, Tony Deppen and Jordan Oliver claimed excessively tough, hard-fought wins against JD Drake and LSG respectively. In particular, Jordan Oliver shone in the evening's main event, battling through a partially ruptured eardrum in a 20-minute battle with LSG to claim his spot in the 2020 GSI Tournament.

In perhaps the most unsettling moment of the night, "The Rogue" Brandon Kirk overcame Eric Corvis and late-entrant Matt Macintosh in a triple threat match to become #1 Contender to the Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship at our August 29th "Heatseekers" event on FITE.tv. After the match, Kirk made a vow directly to Synergy's owner Colin West, promising to "take his title" and "**** him over".

WATCH THE REPLAY of #Synergy711 now!

In addition, Synergy Pro Wrestling's July 11th event on FITE introduced two new members of the Synergy Pro Wrestling roster. The Whisper shocked fans with an unadvertised appearance, winning his debut match. And Matt Vertigo launched himself into the national conversation with a stunning performance against the monstrous KTB. Although KTB would not be denied victory, Vertigo's athleticism, hunger and passion earned him an instant place on the Synergy roster.

The Apostles of Chaos engaged in a No DQ war with MV Young & Jason Sinclair, Alex Reiman was the victim of a very puzzling 2-on-1 assault by Mike Del & Kit Osbourne that left Reiman pointing fingers at Creative Director Nicholas Kaye, and the 3 combatants for the Cruiserweight Crown on July 25th each made very pointed remarks about the others' abilities to prevail.

All this, plus the Frightmare on Pratt Street featured a bizarre basement brawl with metal pipes, crowbars, wood pallets and a violent confrontation - but did any of it really happen?

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