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Synergy Pro Wrestling 11/29 Live on FITE

On Friday, November 29, 2019, Synergy Pro Wrestling ends its 2019 season with an encore of last season's chaotic finale. Synergy Black Friday Wrestling Supershow will STREAM LIVE on FITE, via Fite.TV and the FITE app.


After the fallout from Synergy's 2nd Birthday, Frightmare gets one more chance at Matt Macintosh's Synergy Championship - but if he loses, Frightmare must unmask forever. Plus, "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont returns for one last dance with Mike Del, and Aaron Bradley & TJ Crawford settle their score once and for all with a Last Man Standing contest.

If that wasn't enough, the prestigious Best of the Light Heavyweights Match comes to Synergy - featuring Ace Austin, Brandon Kirk, Homicide, Anthony Gangone, Archadia and Jordan Oliver. 


Rhyno, Macintosh Big Winners at Synergy's 2nd Birthday

Rhyno and Brandon Kirk waged war at Synergy's 2nd Birthday, and - with a little help from Bill Alfonso and a steel chair - Rhyno claimed victory for "old school hardcore" over The Rogue.

Matt Macintosh held onto his Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship by besting both Terra Calaway and Logan Black in Synergy's first-ever intergender triple threat match for the title. Macintosh's next opponent will be old foe and rival Frightmare, who bested 5 worthy challengers to become #1 Contender to the title he vacated due to injury. 

Further tensions seemed to rip apart the Apostles of Chaos. After their match against The Rep, Chris Benne sucker-punched Jason Sinclair in the jaw and walked out on his partner. And unexpected tensions flared after Eric Corvis bested LSG & Preacher in a triple threat match to open the event - LSG blindsided his former friends, then zip-tied Corvis' wrist to the top rope and made Corvis watch as LSG brutalized Preacher with a steel chair.

And the Unsanctioned Fight between Aaron Bradley & TJ Crawford ended in absolute disaster, as a superplex off the top rope onto a bed of chairs on an exposed ring surface left both men in need of medical attention. It was certainly an auspicious debut on FITE, which you can replay here!


Full results are available by clicking here!

Watch Synergy's 2nd Birthday Wrestling Replay on FITE

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Synergy Pro Wrestling streaming on IndependentWrestling.TV

Unsanctioned Carnage: Bradley & Crawford Go Too Far.


Synergy Management had no idea it would come to this. Creative Director Nicholas Kaye & owner Colin West could not have foreseen the depths to which Aaron Bradley & TJ Crawford would sink to destroy one another. The brutal, often uncomfortable Unsanctioned Fight that closed the Synergy debut broadcast on FITE ended with the scene pictured above - neither man able to move after a superplex onto a bed of a dozen chairs on an exposed ring. 

If you would like to re-watch footage of the destructive, violent confrontation on FITE, we ask that you do so cautiously. Synergy Management does not condone the actions of either individual.