The main things to build on while betting on wrestling

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Wrestling is a catch type sport aimed to entertain its spectaculars. It’s not a secret that all such fights are staged, although it doesn’t bear on their showmanship. To bet correctly, let’s figure out the key to such a gambling.

What is wrestling?

It is a staged unprofessional sport, where the sequence of the changes are scripted and the winner of the fight is determined in advance. Professional wrestling has spread widely as a time killer, especially in North America and Japan.
Organizations that hold such shows are called “promotions”. The largest and most famous promotion is the American World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Where are wrestling fights held?

In general, the competitions are usually arranged by a special federation. The most popular are WWE, Impact!, CZW, BJW, etc.
While talking about WWE, its competitions are divided into two categories:
Basic. The well-known stars take part in these tournaments. This category includes Raw’s, SmackDown’s, inter-brand and inter-gender titles.
Preparatory. These tournaments are exclusively held under the NXT brand, which is a training league. The best fighters end up in the basic category then.
In order to define the leaders such competitions are set:
Wrestlemania. It is an annual show that takes place in the spring. The organization regularly invites the show business celebrities, this fueles interest in the competition.
Royal Rumble. It is considered the most important winter confrontation of the season. Royal Rumble features up to 50 sportsmen who take turns appearing in the ring. A new fighter comes out almost every two minutes. To knock out an opponent, the athlete has to throw him or her out over the top rope. The last one left behind becomes the winner of the fight and receives the right to compete for the main title at Wrestlemania.

bet on conference league
SummerSlam. It is a summer competition from WWE that has been held since 1988. SummerSlam is considered one of the most important tournaments after those above.
Survivor Series. It is a fall tournament, which determines the champion in both the single and the team categories.

Which betting types exist?

Gambling on wrestling as a fighting for fun attracts lots of bettors. Someone wants to make money, someone is interested in watching the competition, thus betting just fuels this interest.
In spite of the aim, all of them can place a bet on:

  • the victory of one of the wrestlers;
  • the victory of a particular wrestler in a tournament (it means the winning in a couple of competitions);
  • the defeat in a tournament (the bettor stakes on that the fighter will not win at the tournament, intermediate results do not matter);
  • the type of victory (whether the opponent will give up, the fighter will win by points, etc.);
  • the presence or the absence of a knockout;
  • the disqualification of the opponent.

How to bet on wrestling?

The gamble on wrestling is quite simple:
Firstly, it’s necessary to choose a bookmaker’s agency.
Secondly, the type of the bet must be selected.
Thirdly, the bettor has to follow the instructions offered on the bookmaker’s site or app.
Professional bettors even stick to some strategies, despite the fact that the fights are mostly staged.

What should be paid attention to while choosing a bet?

In order to succeed in gambling on wrestling, pre-match analysis must be held. Before placing a stakes it is better to follow certain rules like:

Watch wrestling shows regularly.
This will help you to understand the basics of the show, its ordinary patterns, logic, as well as what the producers are leading up to.

Look through specialized news and expert resources constantly, as well as forums dedicated to the topic of wrestling.
It is important to puzzle out the topic, be aware of the latest developments.

Try to look for patterns and particularities.
You should study the fighters’ past fights, their behavior, the audience’s attitude and factors that will give an idea of how the action may end.

Try to make predictions and make bets within one tournament.
Stay focused, because wasting time and energy won’t help you to make a good analysis.

Try not to get a favorite.
Personal attraction may lead to emotional and hasty betting on a wrestler, who is not able to win.

Remember, that wrestling is an event with strict logical patterns laid out by the tournament writers.
This tip will help you avoid making unnecessary emotional decisions.

Watch all title matches.
It’s important to be aware of the major trends in the wrestling world. This way you will understand who is going to play in the current season and use this knowledge while placing bets.

Do not place large sums of money.
Nobody should forget, wrestling is a show, it means that even a seemingly obvious fight may not end the way the bettor thinks it should. The script of the event is written by the promotion’s writers, so it can turn either way. That is why you should not gamble big sums, the risk of losing is high enough.

Do not place a bet on virtual fights if you are a new fresher.
Here the fights are randomly generated by artificial intelligence. They are not about the script, the cybernated system controls everything. So it’s difficult for beginners to analyze the game. Firstly just consider virtual wrestling as entertainment, and only then as a way to make money.

Is it profitable to bet on wrestling?

Of course, it is. Indeed, wrestling is a staged sport, but, paradoxically, this does not affect its spectacularity and unpredictability. As there are many wrestling federations, thus more tournaments, there are always enough events to bet on. Also a lot of types of bets are found, so everyone can choose something to his liking. Pre-match analytics differ from analytics of other sport events, but it doesn’t influence at all on the prospects of betting on wrestling.