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Watch Synergy Pro Wrestling on 3 of the best pro wrestling streaming services in the world - anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Synergy Pro Wrestling is proud to be featured on, Powerslam TV and IndependentWrestling.TV (IWTV)!

It's a hard time to be a pro wrestling fan. During the COVID-19 crisis, we all miss pro wrestling - especially seeing it live. Synergy Pro Wrestling is committed to providing you as many options as possible. From new compilations to partnerships with other promotions, to fun social media content (promo battles, voting tournaments and more), we're trying our hardest to be here for you during the pandemic.

Please support us by watching our content and get to know Synergy Pro Wrestling! We will be back soon, and stronger than ever. We all win together.

Synergy on FITE: $4.99!

Synergy Pro Wrestling on FITE TV
Synergy Pro Wrestling on FITE TV

Synergy Pro Wrestling returns to FITE TV with "Tempest" - a streaming playlist of our most controversial matches and moments! Hosted by MC Hale, this live stream is available at a special COVID-19 discount of only $4.99!

The replay of this event is available now!

It's the perfect way to re-live the most stunning moments in our history - but also a great chance for you to learn about Synergy Pro Wrestling for the first time! Featuring all 3 of our current and former Synergy Champions, plus Matt Striker, "Retro" Anthony Greene, a vicious Street Fight and a wild Unsanctioned Brawl, you have to see Tempest for yourself!

Support Pro Wrestling Schools

Some of the best voices in pro wrestling have come together for a great cause. #PromoMaster is a series of promo battles to raise money for pro wrestling schools at New England Pro Wrestling Academy, Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), and the Hardcore Hustle Organization (H2O). From former Synergy Champion Matt Tremont to 2019 Garden State Invitational winner Anthony Greene, Ava Everett to the legendary "Fonzie" Bill Alfonso, #PromoMaster is fun for a great cause!

Synergy Pro Wrestling #PromoMaster

To DONATE, please click here and give generously - keeping pro wrestling schools open is so vital to the business we love.

To WATCH the #PromoMaster battles, visit Synergy Pro Wrestling on Twitter @SynergyWrestle.

Synergy Pro Wrestling News

Synergy Championship & Cruiserweight Crown Matches Are Set!

Battles loom large for the two greatest prizes in Synergy Pro Wrestling. Even though live pro wrestling action is "on hold" for a short while due to COVID-19, the men and women competing for the Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship and Cruiserweight Crown remain focused - and hungry.

Synergy Pro Wrestling Champion Frightmare was blindsided by a ghost from his past - the man formerly known as Amasis, Desean Pratt. Pratt waited 3 years for vengeance, and now the 2 heated rivals pick up as though no time was lost at all. Both men have signed the championship match contract - the match WILL happen.

Meanwhile, 3 individuals - Ellis Taylor, Kasey Catal & TJ Crawford - all qualified for a triple threat match to become the first person to wear the Cruiserweight Crown. 3 very different individuals took very different paths to arrive at this moment, but which will be the wrestler to make history as Synergy Wrestling's first Cruiserweight Crown winner?

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You can watch Synergy Pro Wrestling matches, full cards and action anywhere in the world! Synergy Pro Wrestling's entire archive is streaming on IndependentWrestling.TV, the undisputed home for pro wrestling action online.


Watch Synergy Pro Wrestling's full shows with a special free trial on IndependentWrestling.TV by using the promo code SYNERGY at checkout!

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