Betting on cyber wrestling: keystone

Today betting is widespread, especially sporting one.
However, wrestling is an unprofessional staged sport, it’s very popular to gamble on. But the times change and spectacularity doesn’t depend on real actions anymore. Now lots of diverting technologies have appeared, therefore bettors place stakes on cyber wrestling.

Cyber wrestling: meaning

Cyber wrestling is a row of virtual wrestling competitions led by computer technology (to be precise, the simulator). Indeed, it’s just a fight between two wrestlers, but virtual, of course.

The types of crypto wrestling bets

For instance, you may place a stake on:

  • The winner of the fight.
    The winner is considered to be the wrestler who scores more points, knocks out the opponents, achieves the belt of the champion or gets the money suitcase.
  • The type of the victory.
    Bettors have to stand which way the wrestler will win: by total points, knockdown or the opponent’s disqualification.
    The loser of the fight.
    It’s like the first one, but vice versa.
  • The draw.
    Here you are supposed to guess whether the draw is possible in the fight. For sure, it’s quite difficult to forecast, but the sky’s the limit.
  • The usage of additional items.
    Bettors can predict whether any item will be used by any of the athletes or not. For example, virtual sportsmen are supposed to use a cue, a chair, a sledgehammer, a table or a ladder to beat the opponent.
  • The destruction of the table.
    As wrestlers are allowed to use different tools, such as furniture, you may gamble on whether the table will be broken during the fight or not. It should be mentioned that the stake is successful if the table is blown to pieces. The one with folded legs or taken from under the ring does not match.
  • The fight on the ladder.
    Here everything is the same: bettors need to guess whether athletes lead the battle on the ladder or not. The bet wins only if one of the sportsmen hits a blow at least once in the noted place and only within the framework of the ring.
  • The destruction of the steps.
    You can stake on whether the steps will be broken or not. Actually, they are located on the sides of the ring. To win on a bet the steps must be broken completely.
    As a rule, bets on these battles are accepted in Live mode or before the start of the event.

So what to apply while betting on cyber wrestling?

Indeed, the result in such a gambling is difficult to predict, almost always it depends on luck or coincidence.
Therefore, cyber wrestling is perfect entertainment, but to succeed in gambling on it you have to watch a lot of broadcasts to find the common logic or patterns of the game. There is nothing impossible – study, bet and profit.