Synergy Pro Wrestling PAST RESULTS

Synergy Pro Wrestling Heatseekers Results

August 29, 2020 - Hillsborough, NJ

Brandon Kirk def. Frightmare (c) to become the NEW Synergy Pro Wrestling Champion

TJ Crawford (c) def. Kasey Catal & The Whisper to retain the Cruiserweight Crown

Joe Gacy def. Archadia in Gacy's Last Stand

LSG def. Matt Macintosh

Matt Vertigo def. Lucky 13, Kip Stevens & Joey Silver

Charles Mason def. Ellis Taylor

The Apostles of Chaos def. Austin Luke & Dyln McKay

Eric Corvis def. Desean Pratt, MV Young & Anthony Gangone

KTB def. Bobby Orlando

Alex Reiman def. Kit Osbourne & Mike Del, No DQ Handicap Match

Synergy Pro Wrestling Garden State Invitational 2020 Results

July 25, 2020 - Hillsborough, NJ - presented by The Only Game in Town

GSI First Round

KTB def. Simon Gotch by submission (sponsored by Nerd Port Network)

Tony Deppen def. Gregory Iron (sponsored by Smark to Death)

Jordan Oliver def. Myron Reed

Anthony Greene* def. Gary Jay

GSI Semi-Finals (sponsored by Wrestle_NJ)

Tony Deppen def. KTB

Jordan Oliver def. Anthony Greene

GSI Finals (sponsored by WrestleJoy)

Tony Deppen def. Jordan Oliver by submission

Frightmare (c) def. Desean Pratt to retain the Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship

TJ Crawford def. Ellis Taylor to become the FIRST Synergy Cruiserweight Crown Champion

Charles Mason def. Joey Silver & Joshua Wells

(*- Anthony Greene was a late substitution for the injured Matt Cross)



Synergy Pro Wrestling + WNW "For the First Responders" Results

July 11, 2020 - Hillsborough, NJ - to benefit American Nurses Foundation

Warhorse def. AJ Gray, 2 out of 3 Falls Match (2-1)

Jordan Oliver def. LSG

2020 Garden State Invitational Qualifier - sponsored by

Tony Deppen def. JD Drake

2020 Garden State Invitational Qualifier - sponsored by

Brandon Kirk def. Eric Corvis & Matt Macintosh to become #1 Contender to the Synergy Championship - sponsored by Pro Wrestling Tees

KTB def. Matt Vertigo

The Apostles of Chaos def. MV Young & Jason Sinclair, No DQ Tornado Tag Team Match

The Whisper def. Francis Kip Stevens

Mike Del def. Alex Reiman & Kit Osbourne - sponsored by Smack Talk Showdown

A Frightmare on Pratt Street debuts - sponsored by Smacked Raw Podcast

Synergy Pro Wrestling "Tomorrow Comes Today" Results

Jan. 18, 2020 - Hillsborough, NJ

Frightmare (c) def. MV Young to retain the Synergy Championship

(Desean Pratt returned to assault Frightmare)

Eric Corvis def. LSG, "I Quit" Match

Brandon Kirk def. Homicide, Street Fight

Jordan Oliver def. Anthony Gangone

American Murder Society (Aaron Bradley & Steve Off) def. Apostles of Chaos (Logan Black & Chris Benne); Nicholas Kaye ordered Aaron Bradley off the premises

Lucky 13 def. Mike Del (2x)


Kasey Catal def. Charles Mason & Joey Silver

(KTB made his return to Synergy post-match)

TJ Crawford def. Francis Kip Stevens, Vinny Pacifico & Jason Sinclair

Ellis Taylor def. Robbie Roller, Boom Harden & Anthony Michael

Warhorse's Big Bad Bitchin' Christmas Party Results

Dec. 28, 2019 - Hillsborough, NJ

Warhorse (c) def. KTB to retain the Independent Wrestling TV Championship

Frightmare (c) def. Tony Deppen to retain the Synergy Championship

Serpentico (c) def. Brandon Kirk by DQ to retain the PWAD Championship

Jordan Oliver def. Saieve al Sabah & Pinkie Sanchez

Eric Corvis def. Gary Jay

Bear Country def. Shlak & Jimmy Lloyd

Thomas Shire def. Graham Bell

Mitch def. Callux in a Dropkick Depression Spotlight Match

Synergy Black Friday 2019 Results

Nov. 28, 2019 - Hillborough, NJ

Frightmare def. Matt Macintosh (c) to become the NEW Synergy Champion

Homicide def. Brandon Kirk, Jordan Oliver, Ace Austin, Archadia & Anthony Gangone to win the 2019 Best of the Light Heavyweights

TJ Crawford def. Aaron Bradley, Last Man Standing

Matt Tremont def. Mike Del by KO, Chain Match

Gary Jay (sub for LSG) def. Eric Corvis

Leyla Hirsch def. DL Hurst by submission

MV Young def. Logan Black & Joe Gacy (pinned Black)

Chris Benne def. Jason Sinclair (Sinclair was removed from the AOC)

Crash Jaxon & Lord Crewe ended in a No Contest

Synergy Turns 2: Synergy's 2nd Birthday Results

Sept. 20, 2019 - Hillsborough, NJ

Matt Macintosh (c) def. Terra Calaway & Logan Black to retain the Synergy Championship

Rhyno def. Brandon Kirk

Aaron Bradley & TJ Crawford battled in an Unsanctioned Fight

Frightmare def. MV Young, Jordan Oliver, Mike Del, R.G. & BLK Jeez to become #1 Contender

Eric Corvis def. LSG & Preacher

The Rep def. Apostles of Chaos

Alessandro def. Pedro Pablo

Bobby Orlando def. Jeff Cannonball

Synergy 2019 Garden State Invitational Results

July 20, 2019 - Hillsborough, NJ

GSI First Round

Warhorse def. Brandon Kirk

Homicide def. Monsta Mack

Anthony Greene def. Jimmy Rave

Josh Briggs def. Joe Gacy

Eric Corvis def. BLK Jeez, Jordan Oliver & Mike Del

GSI Semi-Finals

Homicide def. Warhorse

Anthony Greene def. Josh Briggs

Matt Macintosh (c) vs. Frightmare was ruled a double disqualification

Logan Black won a #1 Contender's Battle Royal

GSI Finals

Anthony Greene def. Homicide

Synergy 11 Results

May 25, 2019 - Hillsborough, NJ

Matt Macintosh (c) def. Jeff Cannonball to retain the Synergy Championship

Mike Del def. Matt Tremont in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match

KTB def. Ace Perry

Apostles of Chaos def. The Amazing Graysons

Terra Calaway def. Logan Black in a No DQ Street Fight

BLK Jeez def. TJ Blade

MV Young def. Aaron Bradley by disqualification

Chris Bradley (w/ Victoria Pop) def. Kristian Ross in an H2O Undiscovered Match

Synergy 10 Results

April 27, 2019 - Hillsborough, NJ

Matt Macintosh def. Ace Austin to claim the vacant Synergy Championship

KTB def. TJ Crawford

BLK Jeez def. MV Young & Killian McMurphy

Logan Black def. Magic

Terra Calaway & Jeff Cannonball def. Faye Jackson & Francis Kip Stevens

Aaron Bradley def. TJ Blade

Mike Del was assaulted by H2O Wrestling representatives

Frightmare relinquished the Synergy Championship due to a fractured elbow

Synergy 9 Results

March 30, 2019 - Hillsborough, NJ

Frightmare (c) vs. Joe Gacy (c) 30 minute Iron Man Match ended in a 1-1 draw*

(Neither man was able to compete in extra time due to an attack by Matt Macintosh)

Nyla Rose def. Gabby Ortiz

Matt Macintosh def. Matt Tremont

(Mike Del was revealed to be Matt Tremont's masked attacker)

Mike Del vs. MV Young ended in a No Contest

KTB def. LSG

TJ Crawford def. Aaron Bradley & JP Grayson

The Bull & The Bro def. Apostles of Chaos by disqualification

Synergy 8 Results

January 26, 2019 - Hillsborough, NJ

Jazz (c) def. Maria Manic to retain the NWA World Women's Championship

Frightmare def. Matt Tremont (c) & Drake Chambers to become new Synergy Champion

KTB def. Matt Macintosh & Monsta Mack

Steve Scott def. Mike Del in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, 2-1

Pinkie & The Brain (Pinkie Sanchez & Francis Kip Stevens) def. The Bull & The Bro (Brandon the Bull & TJ Blade)

Logan Black & the Apostles of Chaos def. Anthony Greene, TJ Crawford & MV Young

Aaron Bradley def. Officer Dan O'Hare

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