Warhorse vs. Frightmare: The Story Behind the Match

The story behind the Independent Wrestling Championship match between Warhorse and Frightmare, told by Synergy reporter Lizzy Flanagan.

The Match: Warhorse vs. Frightmare, IWTV Championship

The Event: Synergy's 3rd Birthday, September 2020


Frightmare is the only two-time Synergy champ in history. However, losing the Synergy belt to Brandon Kirk last month has sent him on a bit of a downward spiral. Warhorse, on the other hand, not only has the innate momentum advantage of being the reigning champion, but has also recently brought a lot of eyes to him with his appearance on AEW Dynamite a few months ago. With their vastly different circumstances, and the two competitors’ larger than life personalities, this match was the meeting of a collision course before either Frightmare or Warhorse even entered the venue.

Act 1

The Luchadorable Frightmare gets right to business. He holds up his monster claws and gives a loud growl to Warhorse. His opponent, though, is unimpressed. Warhorse yells back, “what the hell was that?!” before mimicking Frightmare’s scaring stance. He then snaps Frightmare into a hip toss.

The two have a quick exchange in the center of the ring that ends with a strong clothesline from Warhorse, who’s quickly established himself as the stronger competitor.

Frightmare seems to realize this. He climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. As Warhorse approaches, Frightmare gives him another scare and a loud roar. Warhorse almost jumps, but stifles any reaction, and then turns to mocking once again. He then yanks Frightmare to the ground.

Frightmare catches Warhorse with a drop toe hold into the corner. He then throws Warhorse’s head into the turnbuckle, repeatedly, and giggles start to rise out of the audience as they realize what’s coming. Warhorse grins and gives a loud shout of approval as he starts headbanging into the turnbuckle pad on his own. He’s his usual unhinged self.

Frightmare delivers a hurricanrana, and the action flows to the outside. Warhorse is violently thrown into the steps as commentary remarks on how much this match means to Frightmare.

“Maybe this will spark him, maybe put him back into the title hunt again. Maybe he’ll become a champion in another realm. He could easily turn a loss into a win tonight.”

Frightmare himself is certainly aware of these circumstances, too. He’s been showing a lot of attitude and anger to Warhorse, though the latter is certainly no stranger to aggression.

Commentary then remarks that Frightmare and Warhorse “both represent a hint of chaos,” which I honestly take to be the understatement of the night.

The fight is taken into the ring, where Frightmare catches Warhorse in a straightjacket submission. Warhorse escapes, and delivers a series of forearms and head bangs to Frightmare before applying a figure four leg lock. Frightmare reaches the ropes, and Ref Ryan gives a quick count. Warhorse is upset with the speed of the count, and turns to the ref to argue. When he turns back, Frightmare gives him a big, thunderous roar in his third and final scare. This time he’s successful. Warhorse jumps and yells, “oh, shit!

He then gets a hard kick to the head from Frightmare and crumbles to the canvas.

Act 2

Frightmare capitalizes on this momentum, and chokes his opponent on the second rope. The ref starts a count and calls the hold off, though Frightmare is visibly frustrated with Ryan and gives him a shove. Frightmare then bullies Warhorse to the top turnbuckle, and when the official tries to intervene, he shoves Ref Ryan away again. Commentary pitches in on Frightmare’s state:

“He needs to keep his emotions in check here. It’s easy to be frustrated in the position that Frightmare is in right now.”

Ref Ryan T, though, is fed up. He picks Frightmare up off the rope, onto his shoulders, to set him up for the Doomsday Device, which Warhorse assertively delivers. This tribute to the recently deceased Road Warrior Animal is a moment in the match that’s bigger than the storyline within it. The crowd recognizes this, too, and gives their applause in appreciation. Commentary, too, is amused at the laxness of Synergy owner Colin West in the situation, as they note:

“Well, I guess we’re gonna let that one slide.”

Frightmare delivers some chops, but Warhorse finds his fuel and brings Frightmare down with clotheslines after clothesline. He’s clearly caught some fire (perhaps with the assistance of Ref Ryan) and seems like he’s getting ready to finish things at the Monster Factory.

After Frightmare retreats to the outside, he’s hit with a brutal Tope Suicida from Warhorse, and rolled back onto the canvas. Once he’s back to his feet, Frightmare is nailed by a drop kick from the corner. Warhorse then delivers the Death by Double Stomp, but Frightmare finds it in himself to kick out. The match goes on.

Act 3

Frightmare finds a second wave. He goes for Kneecolepsy on the prone Warhorse, but his opponent miraculously rolls out of the way. Warhorse then traps Frightmare in a sharpshooter, held in place with head bangs for extra power. It’s not enough, though, as Frightmare reaches the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Warhorse goes to meet him with a baseball slide, but Frightmare catches him and clubs him in the chest before leaving him sprawled out on the apron.

Frightmare then gets onto the apron himself, and delivers his Kneecolepsy moonsault onto Warhorse’s chest. He then drags the woozy Warhorse back into the ring, and covers him with a lucha-style roll up. Somehow, though, Warhorse kicks out.

Frightmare then attempts a crucifix bomb, but his opponent uses the momentum to roll out of it. Warhorse then delivers a brutal butterfly suplex, and Frightmare once again retreats to the outside. Warhorse does a double stomp with the accuracy of a hawk from the top turnbuckle directly to Frightmare’s chest, and rolls his stumbling opponent back into the ring, ready to finish things.

Warhorse quickly climbs the corner turnbuckle once again, and delivers what commentary dubs “the machoest of elbows.” Ref Ryan counts to three, and Warhorse can once again hold the IWTV belt high.


This night was a crossroads for Frightmare, who is now with back to back championship losses. You have to wonder, where does he go from here? Commentary advises that “Frightmare has no other choice but to take this time to regroup... Get his win/loss record back up.”

Warhorse, on the other hand, is continuing to roll with full steam ahead. Later that night, Warhorse went on to challenge Brandon Kirk for the Synergy championship, which will be decided this Saturday in a three-way match between them and Jordan Oliver. This is a huge opportunity for Warhorse, who could become a two-belt Synergy champion.

This was an incredibly fun match. Both Frightmare and Warhorse are as charismatic as they are talented in the ring. Yes, they can deliver technical exchanges and high-risk stunts, but I’d argue that what their fans love them for is their larger-than-life characters. The luchador from Sleepy Hollow and the king of Heavy Metal have a dynamic that makes any meet-up between them explosive. Here’s hoping both of them continue to find success in Synergy.

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