INTERVIEW: Francis Kip Stevens of Nerd World Order

In this exclusive interview, Lizzy Flanagan sits down with Francis Kip Stevens of the Nerd World Order. Whether he's "One Tough Nerd" or "Evil Kip", one thing's for sure - Stevens is one-of-a-kind and a load of fun to watch. Here what 1/2 of 2020's Most Entertaining Synergy Athletes (as voted by you!) had to say.

I’ve seen some people on Twitter saying that the best character to have in wrestling is yourself, turned up to 11. Would you say that (is true for you)?

I would say that's accurate. When I'm One Tough Nerd Kip, I try to emphasize my optimism and belief that you can overcome anything. When I'm Evil Kip, I emphasize the chip on my shoulder and try to be ruthless, unlikable, and will do anything to get ahead and complain when I don't.

This is kinda along the same lines as the last question; Are the wrestlers that inspired your move set the same ones you, in real life, enjoy watching the most?

When I started wrestling I learned really quickly my athletic limitations. So as much as I love watching AJ Styles or Rey Mysterio I realize that some of their move set was not in the cards for me. However it made me look at more obscure wrestlers and sequences and make them my own. I may not be able to do a springboard 450, but I can still find an effective offence that works for me.

How did you and Joey meet, and after that, how did the Nerd World Order form? Was it a shared idea, or thought up by one of you?

I met Joey years ago at NYWC which was our original wrestling school. He went to college and to a different school. I went to Oregon briefly and started training at Create A Pro. It's funny because even though we know each other we didn't KNOW each other if that makes sense. I'm glad he stuck with wrestling because I'm having fun teaming with him. Colin West, the owner of Synergy Wrestling, felt we would make a great team, and Joey and I have been busting our butts to prove him right

Are you planning on balancing tag team action with singles action in Synergy, or do you plan on focusing on one more than the other? And which one would get your focus, if that’s the case?

At Synergy we're seeing where things take us. I don't want to speak for Joey but I will say he will be great as a singles or in a team. On my end I've been told I'm a great tag team guy. It is a nice compliment but I do want to showcase what I can do as a singles wrestler.

Are there any plans to expand the Nerd World Order, or is it going to be an exclusive tag team?

I would love to expand the Nerd World Order. Everyone is a nerd for something. If we can find the right person who can let their nerd side shine we will be happy to welcome them to the NWO.

What would you say is your next goal in Synergy?

To quote Pinky and the Brain, my goal in Synergy, as well as life, is TAKE OVER THE WORLD! But in the meantime, winning a championship would be cool. Or having Scott Hall and Kevin Nash "2 Sweet" us.

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