5 Show-Stealing Matches That Could Happen at Synergy Black Friday 2020

Synergy Pro Wrestling takes an inside look at 6 potential matches that could happen at Black Friday 2020. Synergy Black Friday is known for some of the company's best matches of the year; here's a few potential bangers and how they could happen.

It's impossible to predict what Synergy Pro Wrestling's Black Friday 2020 card will look like. In the most unpredictable year in recent memory (from COVID-19 to show-stopping matches to breakout new stars), pro wrestling has been turned upside down. So it stands to reason that 2020 will provide us with Synergy's most unpredictable Black Friday card yet.

The road to Black Friday runs directly through Shadows on October 24, live on FITE from the Monster Factory in Paulsboro, NJ. With a Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender's Match, a Synergy Championship Triple Threat Match, and several rivalry matches up and down the #SPWShadows card, it's hard to see clearly through the fog (pun intended) and figure out what might come our way Black Friday.

Will Ellis Taylor find revenge on TJ Crawford at Synergy Pro Wrestling Black Friday?

So instead of making "locked-in-stone" predictions, let's just have some fun with things! We're breaking out the "fantasy booker" crystal ball and giving you five potential Black Friday 2020 wrestling matches that could steal the show at Synergy's season finale.

1. Jordan Oliver vs. The Whisper, Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship

If you like insane athleticism and first-time-ever matchups, this might be the one for you. Jordan Oliver and The Whisper could conceivably meet for the Synergy Championship on Black Friday, with the winner crowned as the brand-new face of the promotion heading into the 2021 Synergy season.

How it could happen: Jordan Oliver def. Brandon Kirk & Warhorse for the Synergy Championship at Shadows; The Whisper wins the Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match at Shadows.

Odds: 1 in 12 (8.33%)

2. Brandon Kirk vs. Matt Macintosh vs. Frightmare, Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship

Hear us out on this one. Brandon Kirk would have to retain the Synergy Championship in his triple threat match. Frightmare would have to win the #1 Contender's Fatal 4-Way contest. And Matt Macintosh could win the Call Your Shot match against Wheeler Yuta, and choose to insert himself in the Synergy Championship picture on Black Friday.

The result? A Synergy Championship Triple Threat match featuring the last 3 Synergy Champions - all in one ring, in one match, for the richest prize in the game.

How it could happen: Brandon Kirk def. Jordan Oliver & Warhorse for the Synergy Championship at Shadows; Frightmare wins the Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match at Shadows; Matt Macintosh def. Wheeler Yuta at Shadows.

Odds: 1 in 24 (4.2%)

Will Brandon Kirk carry the Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship into Black Friday?

3. Warhorse vs. Desean Pratt, Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship

Maybe it's not an "obvious on-paper dream match", but tell us you wouldn't sign up to see independent wrestling's hottest star go head-to-head with the man who dominated for years as Amasis, now reinvigorated as the Prince of Camden? It'd be a fresh championship match featuring Warhorse and Pratt, hard-hitting as hell and guaranteed to rule ass.

How it could happen: Warhorse def. Brandon Kirk & Jordan Oliver for the Synergy Championship at Shadows; Desean Pratt wins the Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match at Shadows.

Odds: 1 in 12 (8.33%)

4. TJ Crawford vs. Ellis Taylor vs. Kasey Catal vs. Wheeler Yuta, Cruiserweight Crown

A much longer shot, but holy **** what a 4-way this would be. TJ Crawford would have to retain his Crown at Shadows, and Wheeler Yuta would have to defeat Matt Macintosh in the Call Your Shot Match. On top of this, there would have to be a No Contest finish between Kasey Catal and Ellis Taylor (a double-pin, double count out, or the match thrown out) that left both competitors in contention.

Is it likely? Nope. Is it going to happen? Doubtful. But it's 2020... who saw ANY of this coming?

Odds: Long.

Will Matt Macintosh seek revenge on LSG at Synergy Black Friday?

5. Matt Macintosh Enters Best of the Light Heavyweights

Could Matt Macintosh challenge the Synergy Champion if he wins the Call Your Shot Match? Sure. But the ability to atone for his most controversial loss - the unpopular overturned victory against LSG at Heatseekers - might be too much for Macintosh to pass up.

With LSG already announced for the 2020 Best of the Light Heavyweights, this is Macintosh's one road to redemption against the Ace of Space - but is it the one he'll choose to take?

Odds: 50% chance to win the Call Your Shot Match; after that, anyone's guess

What do YOU think is bound to happen at Black Friday? What Synergy Pro Wrestling Athletes do you want to see compete? What matches do you think are set in stone?

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