Synergy Pro Wrestling AUGUST 29

Heatseekers on FITE

Synergy Championship Heatseekers Frightmare Brandon Kirk

Fresh off the heels of an incredible 2020 Garden State Invitational, Synergy Pro Wrestling returns to on Saturday, August 29th, with HEATSEEKERS - the final live Synergy pro wrestling event of the summer.

As amazing as #GSI2020 was, it left us with just as many questions as answers. Will the Synergy Pro Wrestling Champion Frightmare be able to turn his focus away from past rivals and onto the dangerous Brandon Kirk, or will "The Rogue" make good on his threat to become Champion and ruin Synergy from the inside out?

TJ Crawford claimed the throne as Synergy's first ever Cruiserweight Crown Champion - but at what cost? Did Crawford stoop too low to claim victory, or was cheating just necessary? And will Kasey Catal be cleared in time to challenge "The Windy City King" for the Crown? If not, who's the next challenger?

Creative Director Nicholas Kaye signed a battle steeped in NJ history, as one of Jersey's all-time greats Archadia steps back between the ropes against the "Unwanted" Joe Gacy - in what may be Gacy's Last Stand with Synergy.

Plus, will we see 2020 GSI winner Tony Deppen in Synergy again? What's next for Jordan Oliver, who stole the show at the GSI but fell one match short of glory? And in a summer of surprises, what's the next trick up our sleeves?

SIGNED for Synergy Heatseekers, August 29 on FITE

Synergy Championship Heatseekers Frightmare Brandon Kirk
Synergy Pro Wrestling Heatseekers Anthony Gangone Desean Pratt MV Young Eric Corvis
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