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Synergy Announces Women's GSI Tournament

Synergy Pro Wrestling is prouid to announce the first Women's Garden State Invitational, scheduled to take place December 12, 2020. Just as the Men's GSI is a showcase and platform, the Women's GSI will serve the same purpose for its talent and crew.

ALL entrants in the Women's GSI will be women. All non-tournament competitors will also be women. Synergy will strive to hire as much female personnel for this event as possible - from ring announce to commentary, referees to interviewers, the Women's Garden State Invitational will be constructed as a celebration by women, for women - and all wrestling fans!

Synergy owner Colin West will be stepping back during this event and constructing the GSI roster with the assistance of two notable women in the professional wrestling industry. These Co-Directors of the Women's GSI will take Colin's role as the official directors of the event.

More information to come in the coming weeks and months!

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