2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling Awards

Synergy Pro Wrestling Fans Vote on 2020 Year-End Awards Winners

The 2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling VIP Awards were held in early December 2020 by private ballot, across 5 categories. The awards were voted on by fans who attended and/or viewed 75% or more of our events this season. 

Synergy Pro Wrestling believes that all great things in pro wrestling only happen through the support of its fans. Our fans, Synergy Nation, are proof of that.

Synergy Pro Wrestling VIPs voted on a ton of categories - MVP, Most Popular, Most Hated, Newcomer, Match of the Year, Most Entertaining, Guest Star and more!

Check out this year's winners, as voted by YOU!

2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling MVP: Jordan Oliver
2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling Match of the Year: TJ Crawford vs. Kasey Catal, Cruiserweight Crown Street Fight (Black Friday 2020)
2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling Feud of the Year: Kasey Catal vs. TJ Crawford
2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling Most Entertaining Athlete: Nerd World Order
2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling Guest Star of the Year: Myron Reed
2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling Stunner of the Year: Brandon Kirk wins Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship
2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling Most Popular: Jordan Oliver & Kasey Catal (tie)
2020 Synergy Pro Wrestling Most Hated: Charles Mason
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